We Are Makers • Ninth Edition
We Are Makers • Ninth Edition
We Are Makers • Ninth Edition
We Are Makers • Ninth Edition

We Are Makers • Ninth Edition

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About the title:

Edition Nine marks the magazine's triumphant fifth year. In a world constantly besieged by crises, both unyielding and ever-changing, it's weathered storms, restructured, and consistently set ambitious goals. Amidst it all, the crux of the magazine's endurance resonates with a simple truth: "We are still here."

With this edition, discover an array of makers' stories: From the artisanal prowess of married couple, Nara and Sin who are the design talents behind NERB Handcrafted, a boutique leather goods studio that produces super-stylish accessories – bags, belts, wallets, homewares, furniture, and even custom car interiors – are gaining fans all over the world. Nara gives insight into her self-taught practice from her home workshop. 

Gabriela Sierra from Montreal, Canada, is a jewelry designer and maker. For some, the road to full-time making is a straight path. For Gabriela, a few diversions, some deep realisations, and a valuable mistake or two led her to where she is now: running a thriving business handcrafting contemporary jewellery in silver, natural gemstones and glass. 

Back in the U.K., for Simon Maillet, landscape design wasn't necessarily a natural first rung on the ladder of making highly sought-after knives for chefs. But a series of adventures and opportunities led Maillet from France to Sheffield – via professional kitchens – to a whole new craft and career. 

• Softcover
• 7.75 x 10.5 Inches
• Printed using sustainable resources and methods
• Published out of the U.K.

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