The Preserve Journal • Issue 10
The Preserve Journal • Issue 10
The Preserve Journal • Issue 10
The Preserve Journal • Issue 10

The Preserve Journal • Issue 10

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About the title:

The Preserve Journal is dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, resilient, and responsible food culture. It invites readers to look beyond the bite of food on their fork, and to see the whole picture of their meal and their role in its ecosystem. Founded in the fall of 2018, it enters the environmental debate through the lens of food, to create a platform for activist and transformative storytelling. The sharing of stories (re-)imagines how to grow food, cook, eat, and live well together; offering concrete resistance to the homogenized, extractive, industrialized, exploitative, and monocultured structures that predominate today’s food culture, acknowledging its complex and multi-dimensional character and a need for honest and critical exploration and manifold expressions. In that pursuit, the journal has joined forces with vibrant knowers from all around the world, from various backgrounds, with unique knowledges, perspectives, experiences, and expertise. This includes ‍acclaimed chefs, regenerative farmers, microbiologists, poets, fermentors, urban gardeners, writers, responsible restaurants, rebellious journalists, critical academics, artists, caring practitioners, travelers, initiators, environmental- and ecological activists, and many more. 

The content for each issue is collected throughout the year and often follows the change of the seasons. However, while the seasons provide a visual frame for each issue we share content that remains relevant and important across the seasons and years. In addition The Preserve Journal is a small and independent project solely based on volunteer engagement. Each purchase constitutes a direct support in the project, published completely independently without advertisements or corporate investments.

• Softcover
• 6.25 x 9.5 Inches
• English Text
• Printed on FSC-certified recycled paper
• Published out of Denmark



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