Avant #2 • American Militaria

Avant #2 • American Militaria

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About the title:

Avant Magazine is "your vintage menswear and heritage clothing authority." Since 2018, Avant has been more than just a business. Its journey grew out of Eric Maggiori's trajectory from collecting iconic 80's sportswear and rock band T-shirts to delving deep into the universe of workwear and heritage clothing in 2012, testament to a deep-seated passion. The magazine brings to light the intricate dance of culture, history, fashion, and art, as they are intertwined; tailored for curious souls who not only cherish what they wear but are keen on understanding the history behind it. It’s about unearthing forgotten stories that have significantly contributed to shaping men's wardrobes.

• Bi-Annual
• Softcover
• 6.5 x 9.5 Inches
• Published out of Europe
• Printed in Spain

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