The Drawer Magazine • Issue 23
The Drawer Magazine • Issue 23
The Drawer Magazine • Issue 23

The Drawer Magazine • Issue 23

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About the title:

Published every six months, The Drawer is also thematic. Each issue starts with the title of a book, film or piece of music, selected for its creative and/or imaginative potential (Modern Times,Metamorphosis, Vertigo, Funny Games, etc). Each contributor is asked to work with the theme, and each published drawing—whether existing or conceived especially for the issue—relates to it.

The Drawer is a playground of personal expression and creativity based on a common theme. It therefore shines a light on the vast visual and graphic diversity of contemporary drawing, as well as on artists and well-known figures, who are also invited to answer a series of questions. Why draw? What to draw? What does drawing require?

Visual above all, more concerned with typography than text, The Drawer is meant to be contemplated, browsed and consulted, rather than read. As a drawer of drawings, a portable exhibition, a miniature collection of graphic art, The Drawer’s sole ambition is to share the miracles and joys of drawing.

Artisanal and 100% handmade, The Drawer is produced by a small team that’s passionate about drawing: Sophie Toulouse, art director, and Barbara Soyer, who works in publishing and contemporary art.

• Semi-Annual
• Hardcover
• French & English Text
• 7 x 9.5 Inches
• Published out of Paris, France

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