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You Are A Global Citizen

You Are A Global Citizen

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About this book:

From author, Damon Dominique, who spent the bulk of his twenties abroad, backpacking in countries from Belgium to Brazil. Those experiences have left him with many conclusions, but one in particular: We have guidebooks for world destinations, but none for the one destination that is ourselves. You Are a Global Citizen is a book that reveals the global citizen in all of us. Our cultures have shaped everything in our lives from how we express love, to what we eat for breakfast, to which countries’ accents we find funny and which are sexy. Such a book presents readers with questions Dominique found himself asking all these years on the road.

• Hardcover
• 170 Pages
• 5 x 8 Inches
• Published by Teach Yourself, an Imprint of John Murray Press
• 2023



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