Wildsam - Portland

Wildsam - Portland

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  • Wildsam explores the Rose City alongside a few of our favorite Portland writers, chefs, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and change makers. Rain or shine, we love the Oregon epicenter of creative thought.


  • Illustrated maps of the city's bookshops, bridges, donut dens and Thai food
  • Interviews with chefs, master furniture makers, politicos, booksellers, drag performers and more
  • An essay from Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy
  • Archival excerpts about The Simpsons, Prefontaine, Vanport, Bigfoot, Ursula Le Guin, the Portland Mavericks and more
  • Illustrated maps for book stores, wineries, neighborhood Thai, outdoor adventure, doughnuts and more  
  • The Wildsam picks for best bike shop, vinyl trove, hardware store, guitar shop, live music venue, berry farm, old-school arcade, ramen spot, charcuterie, noodle house, hiker’s saloon, pizzeria and more

About the Brand

Founded in 2012, Wildsam began with a core idea: the world was peopled with wonders. Steinbeck’s words tap into a timeless sentiment. Wonder is a transformative force. It strikes the match of our curiosity and jolts awake what Frederick Buechner calls the “original, shimmering self.”

And often, wonder is found in the stories of a physical place, whether the Texas barbecue joint or the Golden Gate Bridge. At Wildsam, they seek out these real and rooted things, what’s truly authentic to a place, and share the pathways to deep connections in the world, for travelers and locals alike.

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