Wildsam Magazine #2 • Feb/Mar 2024

Wildsam Magazine #2 • Feb/Mar 2024

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About the title:

Founded in 2012, Wildsam began with a core idea: "The world was peopled with wonders." Steinbeck’s words tap into a timeless sentiment. Wonder is a transformative force. It strikes the match of our curiosity and jolts awake what Frederick Buechner calls the “original, shimmering self.” Wonder is also found in the stories of physical place, whether a Texas barbecue joint or the Golden Gate Bridge. Wildsam seeks out these real and rooted things, what’s truly authentic to a place, and share the pathways to deep connections in the world, for travelers and locals alike. And since enjoying those pocket-sized guide books for a little over a decade, readers have a magazine full of photos and other idiosyncratic information useful to voyage in the world.

• Softcover
• 8.5 x 10.75 Inches
• Featuring full-color photography
• Published in the U.S. 

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