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Werke Issue 2

Werke Issue 2

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Werke is a high-quality quarterly BMW magazine that celebrates BMW and the culture that surrounds the cars.

In this issue:

Few BMWs are as special as the CSLs. Learn about their history with the help of Jochen Neerpasch, and we also find out what the 3.0, M3, and M4 CSLs are like to drive

History of the Autobahn 

  • The Autobahn isn’t just an 8000-mile road network. It’s a cultural phenomenon, a tourist attraction, and occasional runway 

Looking back at the E63 6-Series 

  • The styling of BMW’s 2000s-era big coupé may not have been universally loved at its release, but is it now a design icon?

Life story: Forrest Koogle  

  • Northern California is home to Forrest Koogle and his company, Kooglewerks, which creates the world’s coolest 2002 parts



    • Will Beaumont


    • Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
    • Maxime Cassagne
    • Henry Catchpole
    • Sandro Compagnoni
    • Stephen Dobie
    • Mike Duff
    • Antony Ingram
    • Simon Jackson
    • Marcel Krueger
    • Toby Moody
    • Peter Tomalin
    • Jordan Butters
    • Charlie Brenninkmeijer
    • Rob Cooper
    • Jonny Fleetwood
    • Olgun Kordal
    • Daniel Nikodem
    • Will Mederski
    • Dean Smith
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