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MMMG Weaved Notebook • Small

MMMG Weaved Notebook • Small

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Millimeter Milligram Weaved Notebook
Covers feature reprinted original works by HANENO SUZUKI


Haneno Suzuki is a visual artist based in Tokyo, Japan

‘Paper has two aspects: the aspect as media that carries information, and the physical aspect such as weight, colors, texture and smell.

With a hypothesis that there should be a new style of expression between graphic and textile, I proposed a work of ‘knitting’ paper called “PAPER/FABRIC”.

This work presents 2.5 dimensions patterns by cutting, knitting and reconstructing color papers, cellophane, rough papers and deteriorated papers, originally designed by photo printing, drawing, and laser cutting.”


size : W130 x H168 mm
sheets : 80

made in Korea

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