This is Shanghai by Alexander Barrett
This is Shanghai by Alexander Barrett

This is Shanghai by Alexander Barrett

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This is Shanghai is a firsthand account of expat life in China's (and the world's) largest city! Like a guidebook, it helps newcomers and visitors discover the city; but, instead of making quickly-outdated lists of restaurants and museums, Alexander Barrett takes you on a tour of the essential facets of existence in Shanghai. Follow him through the sometimes incredibly old, sometimes futuristic, and often just plain strange sights, sounds, and experiences he's come across in the first year of exploring the city. With its light, humorous style and sharp eye for those key details that explain the sprawling reality of a huge metropolis, this book is perfect for anyone who wants a friendly guide to Shanghai or just a window onto another, fascinating world.

About the Author

Alexander Barrett is a creative for Google living in San Francisco. From 2010 to 2011, he lived in Portland, Oregon. He would have loved to stay, but he had to find a job. Please forgive him. He spends his time writing, drawing, and putting funny things on the internet. Check out his website at

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