The 500 Hidden Secrets - Tenerife
The 500 Hidden Secrets - Tenerife
The 500 Hidden Secrets - Tenerife

The 500 Hidden Secrets - Tenerife

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Conny Melkebeek works as an official tourist guide in Tenerife; she has been living on the island for over 25 years.

This guidebook is her personal ode to the spot she fell in love with so many years ago and that has never stopped fascinating her. It takes you off the beaten track to more than 390 beautiful and unexpected locations. The aim of this book is to reveal lesser-known places that will awaken your senses or take your breath away, places that tell an interesting story and that will persuade you to linger. It covers different areas on the island (Santa Cruz, the North, Mount Teide, the South) and an eclectic range of themes, such as:

  • restaurants in breathtaking locations
  • monumental sculptures
  • wonderful natural pools
  • lively bars to go local
  • hikes leading away from it all
  • rural and cosy hideaways.

These wonderful locations were photographed by Sergio Villalba. He’s a true ‘Canario’ who migrated and then returned to his roots; as such he has the knowledge and the perspective of an insider as well as the fresh eye of a traveller.

  • Language: English
  • Graphic Design: Joke Gossé
  • Size & Finish: 13 x 18,5 cm, paperback
  • Pages: 290
  • ISBN 9789460582219
  • First published in June 2018

    About the Brand

    The 500 Hidden Secrets city guides are written by real locals who summarise their city in 100 lists of 5 addresses or facts, relating to food and drink, accommodation, shopping and culture. 

    The authors always try to go off the beaten track, selecting lesser known places, which have yet to be found by the tourist hordes.

    In some cases, their suggestions include places and facts many of the cities’ residents have yet to discover, making The 500 Hidden Secrets the guide even locals count on. 

    To date the 500 Hidden Secrets Team has published over 35 guides that are regularly updated. Their website is also a travel inspiration platform featuring a nice cross-section of each of their guides.

    Please note that all the addresses in their guides and on their website have been personally selected by the authors themselves. They do not publish anything in exchange for financial or other compensation.

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