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Sonshine Magazine - Issue 19 (imported)

Sonshine Magazine - Issue 19 (imported)

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About the magazine

Sonshine is written and edited by Hayley Grove and Kirstie Beaven. We are writers, feminists and parents of boys. We met when we had our first children, but really bonded over the year of hell that came with two children under three, numerous house moves and what seemed like a never-ending winter. Sonshine fills the gap that we have found while trying to teach our boys that they and their peers (boys and girls) are equal; different and equal.

We created Sonshine Magazine to explore the challenges and the joys that come with raising kind, thoughtful and empathetic (as well as loud, boisterous and hilarious) boys. We haven’t got a recipe for this but we hope that creating a change in the way we view boyhood, we can begin to change the way they will experience manhood.

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