Sirene - Autumn 2020 - Issue 11

Sirene - Autumn 2020 - Issue 11

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Sirene is a new magazine tailored for those people who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it.

Large recycled paper pages, rough and porous as only salt water stains can be, large white spaces, pure as a sea horizon, and page-turner stories that will put you on the same wave-length with a surging community looking at the oceans as the intersection of the planet’s destinies.

YOU LOVE THE SEA. You feel that new ways are necessary to recount its story. You know that an independent magazine can do this better than others.

Purchasing an issue of SIRENE isn’t just buying a magazine that intrigues you. It is joining a community for whom the sea means passion, aesthetics and ethics.

It means sustaining a project.

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