Shots - Issue 149 - Fall 2020

Shots - Issue 149 - Fall 2020

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Shots Magazine is a beautifully printed black and white quarterly in world gone digital, not an on-line publication.

An independent, reader-supported journal of eclectic fine art photography, Shots is known for its democratic presentation of work by a variety of photographers from around the world and reaches a wide, international audience that includes not only emerging and established photographers, but also educators, galleries, museums, collectors and other fine art photography enthusiasts.

Each issue has a theme. Photographers submit images that relate to that theme and the photos chosen will be published in the next issue.

Shots is very different from mainstream glossy photo magazines. You will never see articles about 'Tips or Tricks' and it is not equipment or gadget driven. They are completely image driven. If you are someone who enjoys good or unusual photography, or if you have some work you would like to share, Shots may be for you.

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