Ramona & Ruth - Thank You Outlines (boxed notes)

Ramona & Ruth - Thank You Outlines (boxed notes)

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Ramona & Ruth is a boutique letterpress studio located in Omaha, Nebraska. Started in 2009, Ramona & Ruth is named after their grandmothers. It is the fond memories I have with my grandmothers that has inspired me to nurture this connectivity between others through the thoughtfulness of a handwritten note. At Ramona & Ruth, their mission is to create thoughtful, carefully designed paper goods to help spread kindness and foster connection.

Bold black lines pair with a crisply embossed sentiment to create a striking contrast that will make the recipient feel special indeed.

Boxed Set of 6

Size: 4.25” x 5.5”

Outside greeting: Thank you so much

Inside greeting: Blank

Comes with 6 white envelopes

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