Peddler - Issue 6 - Autumn/Winter 2020 - Immigrant

Peddler - Issue 6 - Autumn/Winter 2020 - Immigrant

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In the IMMIGRANT issue, Peddler’s stories explore what it means to be an immigrant, the "assimilation dishes" that have gradually become family recipes, how we use food to adapt to our surroundings, and the role food plays in bridging disparate cultures.

Featuring stories on kindness, persistence, ingenuity, passion, adaptability, patience, tenderness, sentimentality, tenacity, resilience, resourcefulness, dedication, courage, independence, hope, optimism, and determination. Plus recipes for japchae jeon, black fungus and tofu minchi, Tita’s Korean fried cauliflower, linyvi holubtsi, macaroni soup and more.

About the magazine

Peddler documents the in-between moments of food – from the ingredients, to the making, the eating, the sharing, and all the small moments in-between. They launched in 2017 as a twice-yearly multicultural recipe-driven food magazine, and they now tell audio stories through their podcast The House Specials, produce content for like-minded brands, and oversee custom publishing projects.  

Meal times are a mirror to our past, a symbol of our present and a gateway to our future. Behind every dish on our daily table, there are inherited histories, memories, ceremonies, rituals, cultures and traditions that are completely personal – and yet somehow universal.   Peddler explores these multi-cultures of food, venturing near and far, and into the homes and kitchens of everyday cooks for their most personal rendition of family recipes and stories.  Peddler is created by Hetty McKinnon, author of bestselling cookbooks Community, Neighborhood, Family and the owner of Arthur Street Kitchen.

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