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Notebook by Mubi • Issue 3

Notebook by Mubi • Issue 3

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About this Magazine:

Notebook magazine is an extension of MUBI’s advocacy for the art of cinema. The publication is a new platform aiming at opening up cinema’s present, past, and future to both new and existing audiences. Each issue features original contributions by artists, writers, filmmakers, and scholars about a unique and eclectic array of cinematic subjects, including sections devoted to new openings around the world: theaters, galleries, and exhibition venues. Cinematic beginnings approached from unexpected angles.
For Issue 3, saboteurs are afoot, and unpredictable weather is in the forecast! With thematic pieces devoted to the appearance of weather inside and outside of movies — w(h)e(a)-ther cataclysmic or beautiful, documented or created — and to the disruptive ways film culture and industry can be sabotaged, this Issue is expected to reach record readings (!).
- Exploration of filming in extreme cold in the silent era and today
- Tour of an artificial weather effects facility
- Filmmaker weather diaries
- Batgirl and the self-sabotage of Warner Bros. Discovery
- A radical manifesto from the unseen film festival workers
- A critic’s self-debate over Godard’s Contempt
- Advice on how to render a movie unstreamable
- 16mm film restoration
- Behind the scenes of 1930s Indian moviemaking
- A new, multi-issue series on the “Things a Filmmaker Should Know” inaugurated by Tsai Ming-Liang (Days, Goodbye, Dragon Inn).
• 32000 words
• 159 images
• 124 pages
• Published out of New York, NY
• Printed in Italy
 ISSN: 2769-7681


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