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Notebook by Mubi • Issue 2

Notebook by Mubi • Issue 2

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About this Magazine:

Notebook magazine is an extension of MUBI’s advocacy for the art of cinema. The publication is a new platform aiming at opening up cinema’s present, past, and future to both new and existing audiences. Each issue features original contributions by artists, writers, filmmakers, and scholars about a unique and eclectic array of cinematic subjects, including sections devoted to new openings around the world: theaters, galleries, and exhibition venues. Cinematic beginnings approached from unexpected angles.
Issue 2 tours around the world with a new collection of features, many devoted to the theme of travel: from Buenos Aires to Cairo, from Germany to Greece (and even to outer space!), we take you on a whirlwind multimedia trip of the moving image.
- Land in 1970s Los Angeles through Michelangelo Antonioni’s travel diaries
- Fårö island with cartoonist and animator Dash Shaw
- Essential art exhibitions across cities in Europe
- Marvel at New York’s Grand Central Terminal, mapped in a choreographic cartography
- Photographs by director Park Chan-wook (The Handmaiden, Decision to Leave)
- Personal chronicle of independent self-distribution by filmmaker/photographer Danny Lyon
- Unique exploration of the “phantom ride” genre both in its early cinema and the latest digital incarnations.
• 33000 words
• 236 images
• 128 pages
• Two different covers featuring a photograph by Park Chan-wook, chosen at random at time of mailing
• Published out of New York, NY
• Printed in Italy
 ISSN: 2769-7681


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