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Nomad Interview - Future Mindset - Issue #4

Nomad Interview - Future Mindset - Issue #4

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About the title:

Annual magazine from South Korea with the aim of inspiring positive change in people. Each issue focuses on a theme and features different destinations and people, engaged through interviews and exclusive stories that speak to personal philosophy, attitudes, and lifestyles. "The Future Mindset Guide" magazine attempts to provide a comprehensive framework for defining and shaping the future. Reflecting on individual, environmental, technological policy, and philosophical dimensions, offering practical tools and reflections for navigating the ever-evolving landscape.

In this issue: Embarking on a transformative journey from San Francisco to Paris, engaging with visionary individuals who share insights of the future.

• Annual
• Softcover
• English Text
• Limited Edition: 150
• 210 x 297 Millimeters

- Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and his mission to shape the future.
- Frederik G. Pferdt of Google, explores empathy as a human skill
- Zach Klein, CEO of Dwell, Co-founder of Vimeo, inspires us to lead lives that do more with less
- Nick Bostrom, Professor of Philosophy at Oxford, offers insights into potential risks and strategies to respond to future threats
- James Doty, Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford, helps unlock possibilities through compassion and understanding our brain's potential
- Tobias Peggs, CEO of Square Roots, shares his mission to safeguard the food supply for humanity's survival
- Martin Ford challenges us to consider the relationship between humanity and A.I.
- Pascal Finette, Founder of Be Radical, shares insights on the power of resilience
- Wright Brothers, pioneers of the Carbon-Neutral Lifestyle through bicycles


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