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Neutral Colors 4: WorkNeutral

Neutral Colors 4: WorkNeutral

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About the title:

Neutral Colors とは、独立した出版社であり、発行する雑誌であり、印刷製本所の名前でもあります。3つは有機的につながります。NEUTRAL COLORSの出版スタイルは、少人数が集まって印刷、製本、流通までを一貫して行うもの。廃棄を前提とした大量商業印刷と少部数のインディペンデントの中間(雑誌で5000部/書籍やアートブックで300〜1000部ほど)、経済的に持続可能な中規模出版モデルを目指します。

Neutral Colors is a magazine project produced by its eponymous publishing company and book bindery based in Yokohama, Japan. The three components are organically connected. The idea of the magazine is to have a small group of people getting together to handle everything from printing and binding to distribution. Their aim to create an economically sustainable medium-scale publishing company that is somewhere between mass commercial printing and small-volume independent printing.

The magazine features vibrant offset and Risograph printing and multiple techniques, with a saddle-stitched binding. Their fourth issue takes up the subject of “work.” The issue is a bit of an experiment for the publisher, to see if they can make a living (or work) just by making magazines. Its pages are filled with personal ideas, beliefs, and resolutions about the issue's theme. Most notably it includes a record of Editor-in-Chief, Naonori Katoh's visit to Amsterdam, where he stopped by Idea Books and Roma Publications. In addition, there is a feature on the phenomenon of Japanese cold type printing, plus musings on proofreading, the challenges of cultivating “ant plants,” and more.

• 272 Pages
• 255 x 180 x 19 Millimeters (7 x 10 x 0.5 Inches)
• Paperback in a variety of paper stocks 
• Copper Saddle Stitched
• Japanese and English Text (Not Translated)

ISBN: 9784909932105

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