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Monocle : The Forecast - Issue 10 - 2020

Monocle : The Forecast - Issue 10 - 2020

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‘The Forecast’ is Monocle’s essential guide to what’s shaping 2019 and beyond.

This time they’re focusing on happiness – not the happy-clappy kind but the small shifts that businesses, designers and city-planners can deliver to genuinely improve life.

They fly to the happiest nation on Earth, Finland, to find out what its secret is. Spoiler alert: it’s not just saunas. Then it’s off to Paris to join philosophers and wine-lovers on a week-long tour of events that show why it’s still good to talk.

They also hunker down in a Jørn Utzon-designed residence in Denmark. All that before taking a look at what you should be adding to your wardrobe next season to inject a spring in your step.

They finish things off with dancing and a fair few nightcaps in Beirut – plus a few stop-offs to sober you up afterwards.

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