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Mojo Magazine - March 2020

Mojo Magazine - March 2020

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MOJO magazine is THE rock'n'roll music magazine to be currently reading, designed solely for those who truly love music. MOJO magazine gives you exclusive access to the most iconic of stars and recording royalty, while celebrating tomorrow's stars today.

The music institution known as MOJO debuted in the form of a magazine on the news-stands of Britain in 1993. 

Its inaugural cover story was an account of the complex relationship between Bob Dylan and John Lennon. There was general amazement that the age of soundbite culture should spawn a magazine that revelled in 16-page features of uncompromising quality.

Ever since, it has revelled in the stories of music’s all-time greats and recommended new music of quality and integrity: the classics of now and tomorrow.

The rough idea, in the words of founding editor Paul Du Noyer, was for something "that had the sensibilities of a fanzine and the design values of Vogue." Its title was chosen as a homage to Delta blues mythology and as a reminder of the magic at the core of music.

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