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Men's Fudge (Japan) October 2023

Men's Fudge (Japan) October 2023

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About the title:

"Always carry Fudge in your pocket." From the makers of Fudge, this is Fudge Men's. Fashion and culture magazine for adults. You can always carry your favorite world with you. Featuring articles, tips, and how-to's that allow you to immerse yourself in your favorite world in your free time. An assortment of things adults like, like fashion, music, movies, and art. When you feel like it, take a pinch like you would candy. You can incorporate the essence of Fudge into your daily life. Sweet and filling information from a distinctly Japanese take on things. A News Stand fan favorite. 

• Monthly
• Softcover
• 9 x 11.75 Inches
• Published out of Japan
• Japanese Text

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