Kolsvart - Smoked Licorice
Kolsvart - Smoked Licorice

Kolsvart - Smoked Licorice

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  • Fish Shaped licorice that is cold-smoked over alder shavings
  • It doesn’t get more Swedish than that and it’s the only smoked licorice in the worldm as far as Kolsvart knows.
  • Product of Sweden
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • 4.2 oz

Kolsvart is a Swedish candy company focusing on pure and innovative flavors. They started a decade ago whe they wanted to open the best café in their hometown of Malmö, Sweden. Their guests loved the coffee but the dream quickly became a financial nightmare. They were wandering in the dark and ironically, “kolsvart” means pitch black in Swedish.

But out of the darkness a new dream was born. They took our passion for pure and natural flavors and created Kolsvart the confectionary company. It started with traditional Swedish licorice but quickly became so much more.

Their ambition is to do the simple things best, which is always the hardest. They focus on finding the perfect balance between taste, purity and texture. They love to surprise their customers with new flavors and experiences. To do this they experiment and collaborate with artists and creatives who share this curiosity.

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