Illustoria - Issue 13 - Maps

Illustoria - Issue 13 - Maps

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What does it mean to map a place, or an inner world? In this issue, you’ll find maps that are ancient and new … and imagined! Hear from an oceanographer who maps the sea floor, and meet a teenaged climate activist working to save our planet. Draw a treasure mashup map with friends, diagram a mind map using our story-starter cards, and bake a taco boat to let your tastebuds sail away.

 About the magazine

Illustoria is a print magazine for creative kids & their grownups. They celebrate visual storytelling, makers and DIY culture through stories, art, comics, interviews, crafts and activities. Their high-quality, tri-annual publication is geared toward readers ages 6-12 and the young at heart. Illustoria is the official publication of the International Alliance of Youth Writing Centers, publishing writing and art by young people alongside accomplished professionals.

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