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Idler #92 • Sep/Oct '23

Idler #92 • Sep/Oct '23

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About the title:

Idler is a company devoted to helping people to lead more fulfilled lives. The magazine is bi-monthly. They also produce online courses and run live events. They want you to slow down, have fun, live well, and learn to be idle.

Back in 1991, bored to tears by his job, 23 year old journalist, Tom Hodgkinson lay on his bed and dreamed of starting a magazine called The Idler. He’d found the title in a collection of essays by Dr. Johnson, himself a constitutionally indolent man. How to live? That was the question. How to be free in a world of jobs and debt? And curse the alarm clock.

Tom was fortunately sacked from his job. He wandered across the road to where his old friend, designer and writer Gavin Pretor-Pinney lived. In August 1993, the pair produced issue one of The Idler. It had the sub-title “literature for loafers”. Dr Johnson was the cover star and there was an interview with magic mushroom guru, Terence McKenna. Contributors have included an impressive roster of writers, thinkers, and highly productive people who know how to pass time.

• Softcover
• 5.75 x 8.25 Inches
• Published out of the UK

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