Honest History - Issue 10 - Winter 2020 - A Portrait of India

Honest History - Issue 10 - Winter 2020 - A Portrait of India

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Journey to India and discover its fascinating history in Issue 10, featuring the story of Nur Jahan, the Mughal Queen. This issue is packed with amazing stories from India, including the history of Sanskrit writing, ecosystems throughout India, the colorful traditions of Bollywood films, an exploration of the ancient city of Varanasi, methods of transportation in India, and more.

Did you know chess began as a game in North India? Learn all about its origins in this issue. Did you also know many board games we play today have origins in India? Create-your-own board game in one of the many fun activities from this issue.

In this issue:

  • Nur Jahan: The Mughal Queen
  • Welcome to Bollywood
  • Imperialism in India
  • Checkmate
  • Ecosystems Found Throughout India
  • The Partition of India
  • The History of Sanskrit
  • Let’s Talk H2O
  • The Ancient City of Varanasi
  • The Ramayana


68 full-color pages filled with stories, illustrations and DIY activities

Velvet-touch cover and perfect-bind finish

About the magazine

The team behind the magazine started Honest History as a place for kids to explore the past and re-discover stories of people, just like us, who changed the world.  In their experience, history contains answers and also sparks new questions — their goal is to bring true tales from around the world into the imagination of children (and their parents, too).  They value research, journalistic integrity and accuracy above hyperbole.

Truthfully, they believe that history contains stories with facts greater than any work of fiction. Their aim is to encourage children to conduct their own research and uncover stories of their own, supported by data and accompanied by a sense of adventure.  Design plays a large role in their magazine and they set out to source the most talented illustrators to design each issue as something to collect and cherish. Finally, they believe in sustainable commerce and education, starting with green printing and leading to partnerships with schools and educational brands.

AGES: 6-12 years old  

FREQUENCY: Quarterly  

INFO: Printed and shipped from California using eco-friendly inks and materials.

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