Good Place (UK) - Autumn 2021 - Issue 1

Good Place (UK) - Autumn 2021 - Issue 1

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About the magazine

Good Place is a new travel magazine for the endlessly curious.

It’s for those people who’ll never stop turning over that rock, peering behind that door and seeing what’s over that hill, who find joy in wrong turnings and accidental encounters. It is a repository of original travel stories about our brilliantly fascinating world and the people who inhabit it.

The magazine is brought to you by some of the people who once made Lonely Planet magazine in the UK, and features the work of many
award-winning writers and photographers. Common to all of us is our passion for the tale less told, and those experiences that are enduringly good – those unique places, moments and meetings that keep a hold on our souls however many years pass.

We hope that Good Place becomes that wise and warm friend whose unexpected stories you always looks forward to hearing and whose recommendations you always trust – and who is pretty spectacular to look at too.

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