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Go Out Camp Gear Book (Japan) - Vol. 5

Go Out Camp Gear Book (Japan) - Vol. 5

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About the magazine

"The popular GO OUT separate series "CAMP GEAR BOOK vol.5Introducing plenty of "good to use camping equipment", a favorite gear that fashionable camping enthusiasts choose, with full of appearance and function!

People in the apparel industry, sensitive creative industry, and media-related fields. Everyone is fashionable whenever they see it, and the amount of knowledge about things is amazing. There is no doubt about what people choose, and it's fun just to look at it.

It may be a shortcut to meet good gears by imitating the gears we are introducing. As the number of people camping increases in connection with various activities, each of them cuts out their favorite camping scenes and teaches them with "good to use" points such as "cool design" and "easy to use".  

It's hard to find a favorite of Jibun from a huge amount of camping equipment. There is no doubt that it is an item recommended by seniors! It is a book full of such items, so please find the gear you are interested in."

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