Freaky - Issue 3 - Spring/Summer 2020

Freaky - Issue 3 - Spring/Summer 2020

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About the magazine

Freaky Magazine is a way-out collection of weirdo comics, kooky gags and surreal collage.

52 printed pages of bizarre humor by Andrew “The Slow Poisoner” Goldfarb and a new gang of contributors with bent brains, in the tradition of mags of yore like PLOP, CRACKED and ZAP.

Andrew is an underground cartoonist whose work has appeared in MAD, PORK and ROCTOBER - and now it's time for something new! He will be putting out at least one issue a year; the more subscribers he get, the more he can make! Let's give offbeat artists and writers (and the people that love them) a print platform for strange funnypages and KEEP THE WORLD WEIRD!

Based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Published quarterly.

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