For: - Issue 2 - Belonging

For: - Issue 2 - Belonging

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The second issue explores how the intersection of identity, location and culture affects our connection to others. In this moment of political divisiveness and social distancing, it's inspiring to learn what individuals around the world are doing to help others feel like they belong.


132 pages with 10 exclusive stories from Hong Kong, Iraq, Mexico and more.


About the magazine

For is a print publication highlighting important topics that are facing humanity, approaching our subjects with a positive, optimistic attitude. With interviewees from around the world, each article focuses on an amazing person who improves the lives of others, inspiring readers to make changes in their own communities.

For: Magazine is published by Ultravirgo, a graphic design and branding agency based in Brooklyn. They create strategic communications for organizations that improve lives, including the United Nations, the Parkinson’s Foundation and Knight Foundation.


They bring a natural optimism to all their projects, and are always looking for ways to relate their clients’ messages to universal messages of humanity that inspire engagement and action. With For, they hope to share their passion for improving lives with a wider audience, and encourage their readers to make a difference in their own ways, focusing on the issues that matter most to each individual.


Printed in Canada on Mohawk and Domtar papers utilizing post-consumer and FSC-certified pulp.


Published by Ultra virgo, a social-good graphic design an branding agency in Brooklyn, NY, USA.





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