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Disegno Design Reviewed #2

Disegno Design Reviewed #2

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About the title:


Disegno is a thoroughly rich and deep-diving international journal dedicated to long-form writing and photography around design. The journal covers all design fields, exploring the political, social, environmental, and industrial impact of the discipline. It is published quarterly.


They also produce The Crit, a podcast exploring design and current affairs. They also publish a mixture of long-form journalism and shorter news items on


Published by the editors of Disegno, this edition provides Ten Reviews of Contemporary Design:


  1. Object: Waste Not Want Not by Nathan Ma
  2. System: In Praise of Public Toilets by Piti Koshimura
  3. Media: Death is in the Air by Michael David Mitchell
  4. Policy: Pitch Dreams by Lara Chapman
  5. Interface: Building Instructions by India Block
  6. Ecology: Beyond the Pursuit of El Dorado by Simón Ballen Botero
  7. Space: No Fidget Spinners by Adrienne Brown
  8. Phenomena: Sugar/No-Sugar by Oli Stratford
  9. Technology: Seeing Through the Hype by Natalie Kane
  10. Body: Time for a Change by Ann Morgan

• Softcover
• 6.5 x 9.5 Inches
• Published out of the U.K.

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