Design Anthology (UK) - Issue 6 - September 2020

Design Anthology (UK) - Issue 6 - September 2020

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About the magazine

Design Anthology UK is a print magazine spotlighting the best of design, architecture, art, travel and style across Europe. As with Design Anthology, their sister publication in Asia, they combine the highest production values with thought-provoking content, setting a new standard for premium design and lifestyle titles in the UK.

When they were shaping ideas for the inaugural issue, they asked two questions: What is their point of view? And, when there are countless other magazines covering design in Europe: Why now? The answer is fairly straightforward. They believe there is room for a new kind of considered, premium title that champions quality, beauty and innovative thinking.

Each issue is put together by their network of writers, photographers, editors and stylists – all bound by a commitment to creativity and candour. Far from a glossy catalogue to be discarded, Design Anthology UK is a collectible volume made by people who are passionate about print.

Printed in the UK.

Based in London, UK.

Published three times a year.

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