Delfonics - Rollbahn Photo Album (8.5" x 12" 10 Pages)

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Keep your memories in a special place with the Cloth-bound Photo Album from Delfonics. Whether they're from an overseas adventure, a day you'll treasure forever or a series of snaps you're especially proud of, your dearest memories deserve better than being lost in your phone's camera roll for eternity.

The understated style of the photo album's cover design pairs beautifully with the soft fabric cover, which adds a tactility and warmth to your unforgettable memories.

Featuring easy-to-use adhesive pages, it's simple to tell the story of your trip or your special day in style so you can always revisit the key moments of your life, or share them with loved ones.

About the Brand

DELFONICS aims to establish a truly unique stationery store, rooted in the local community which not only offers a range of unique and practical products, but also conveys the fun and enjoyment of stationery. Their stationery is not only practical, but also releases the sensibilities and creativity in those that use them.


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