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Damn - Issue 84, The Everlasting Hunt for Money

Damn - Issue 84, The Everlasting Hunt for Money

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About the magazine

DAMN° is an independent quarterly print magazine and digital platform that explores opinions on contemporary culture. It was founded in 2004 and has intimately witnessed the expansion of the discipline. So while design will always be its home-base, the magazine's vision has expanded to include our belief that the broader contemporary narrative needs a cultural perspective which art, design and architecture bring.

Each printed issue has a theme, a contemporary and urgent topic that we curate to build a deep understanding from a cultural perspective full of surprise and insight. This same editorial eye and quality journalism is carried across on our digital platforms where we can react more quickly to issues and events.

DAMNº’s editorial content moves beyond glossy hype and dry academic debate. It celebrates imagination and is unafraid to define links between what's personal, political, economic, emotional, stylistic and social.

DAMN° is ultimately about understanding reality - defiantly using creative minds to poke holes in conventional media for a fuller understanding of what’s shaping our world today.

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