Whetstone - Issue 5 - Fall 2019 - Origin Foraging

Whetstone - Issue 5 - Fall 2019 - Origin Foraging

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Say Hello to Whetstone Magazine Volume 5

Here’s what’s in store: Oolong tea in Taiwan, mountain food from the Beskids of Poland, Tunde Wey’s poetic rumination on Nigerian cuisine, the origins of peanuts in Bolivia, Canto-Western diners in Hong Kong, a four hundred year chronicle of a Parsi family (and their food), a Peruvian wine revival, finding a Bánh Mì that tastes like home, the evolving diet of the Shan of Northern Thailand, “Neo Guaraní” in Paraguay, preserving Black culinary culture in Loaíza, Puerto Rico, and finally the tremendous cover photo and story on Morocco’s communal ovens.

About the magazine

Whetstone magazine is a quarterly print journal on food origins and culture.

Whetstone Magazine debuted in the spring of 2017. Whetstone is Bay Area-based, and works with a team of global creatives representing over a dozen countries.

As a minority-owned publisher, they’re proud to say this venture is led by a team of women and people of color.

They believe this diversity is not just noteworthy, but part of what makes the project so essential. When the gatekeepers are diverse, so too are the stories, its tellers and their experiences. This diversity accelerates our knowledge and empathy.

Whetstone is unequivocally and gratefully a better publication because of it.

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