The Smudge - October 2020

The Smudge - October 2020

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October 2020

Volume 4, Issue #10


• Cancel The Rent! by Nick Williams

• In Praise of: Flies by Liana Jegers

• It's Natural by Nathaniel Russel

• Star Signs from Small Spells by Rachel Howe

• On The Grid with Joe Winer

• In The New Year by Pete Gamlen

Another View: Mystics Anonymous by Gabriel Alcala

• Single Function Junction by  Sean Pecknold

• Cartoon Corner by Vinnie Neuberg

• Smudge Classifieds

• Quarantine Crafts by Lannie J. & Clay H.

• Crossword by Colleen Hammond

• Cover art by Jordan Jackson

About the magazine

The Smudge is a monthly newspaper offering articles, interviews, comics, and advice from a range of unique thinkers and creators.

At a time when many of us have been searching for ways to contribute, they decided we'd use the tool we know best: PRINT.

They're not activists, they're not editors, but they have a printer and they know how to use it. So, in the spirit of the underground and alternative presses of the 60's and 70's, they hope to offer a unique voice and a different perspective on the issues and events that affect us all. And hopefully they can squeeze some good comics in there as well.

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