Content - Summer 2021 - Issue 13.3

Content - Summer 2021 - Issue 13.3

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Discovery is the seeker’s path, the adventurer’s trail, rarely satisfied by those driven by an appetite for the new or novel. A real discovery finds contentment when seasoned with contemplation. The culture’s obsession with the latest trend, gadget, or experience so often merely feeds restlessness rather than discovery.

In this issue, Content has compiled creatives who have been on a journey to find their voices. As you read these stories, they hope you will find the themes in their discovery process that will refine your life journey as you marry contemplation with curiosity.

They do desire to expose you to new artists, new works, and new experiences, not merely for entrainment but also for your enrichment. They want you to discover a way to connect, engage, and to support your journey and the journey of those presented. Here’s to the curious, to the adventurous, to the seeker—may you discover.


FEATURING: Anne To | Isaac S. Lewin| t.w.five | Human Shaped Animal | Janice Poet Laureate | Planttvibes | Taki Kitamara | Recovery Cafe | SJAA- Piece by Yori Seeger of SOVP | Tyler Gordon | Valley Wolf | Album Picks 13.1 Curated by Needle to the Groove

About the magazine

Content is a magazine about the creative culture in the South Bay Area. You’ll find profiles about the creative residents, innovators and artists of the South Bay and discovers new breweries or bistros as well as new emerging and legendary artists.

  • Based in San Jose, CA, USA
  • Published quarterly

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