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Collectible Dry Magazine - Issue 14 - Pre-Spring 2020

Collectible Dry Magazine - Issue 14 - Pre-Spring 2020

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Dry Magazine is a independently published culture magazine based in Copenhagen and London.

Whether it is music, art, fashion or other creative niches, Dry Magazine is always on the cutting edge of the new and interesting and acts as an active part of the scene.

It is a publication constantly searching for the odd, exciting and beautiful – seeking to challenge the boundaries of culture.

Instead of only being an entertainment, Dry Magazine also aim to inspire it’s readers. Dry Magazine is on an eternal quest to find unique young talents and creative people who challenge our minds and break out of any conventional thinking.

Dry Magazine does not focus on trends, only for the sake of trends. Everything is presented in an environment completely free of mainstream regularity and celebrity gossip. Dry Magazine is against everything mediocre, dull and uninspired. Dry Magazine portraits the strange, impressive and extravagant.

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