Climbing Magazine - Winter 2020

Climbing Magazine - Winter 2020

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About the magazine

Climbing magazine is an invaluable resource for hardcore rock climbers. Published 8 times a year, the magazine contains award-winning photography and pulse-pounding action stories. Climbers of all ages will look forward to the techniques, reviews and suggestions found in Climbing magazine.

Brimming with gear reviews, industry news and how-to articles, Climbing magazine is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the sport. The publication focuses on rock climbing, traditional climbing and big wall climbing. The magazine also covers ice climbing, bouldering and mountaineering. Each issue reveals the best climbing pants, gloves and jackets, the greatest crash pads and hangboards and the most popular ice tools and ice boots. Climbing magazine also contains interviews with champion climbers and articles about the best places to climb.

Whether you want to learn how to rappel or find the best rock climbing gear, you will benefit from a subscription to Climbing magazine. Written by industry experts and knowledgeable climbers, it's an excellent resource for individuals who want to become better climbers.

Based in Boulder, CO, USA.

Published five times a year.


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