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Cherryboy - Issue 6 - Superworld

Cherryboy - Issue 6 - Superworld

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SUPERWORLD, a publication by CHERRYBOY, is a combined arts publication of limitless creativity and radical expression. Themed Heroism, Originations, Restricted Capabilities, its contributors include Chris Bigg, Dick Jewell, Ella Turner-Bridger, Ethan + Tom, Hyperdub, Jack Laver, Keisuke Watari, Lettice Gatacre, Mia Vallance, Paul Wunderlich & Karin Szekessy, Richard Teschner, Ruta Vebraite and more...

Expect SUPERWORLD to take on an Indonesian Wayang kulit fed Austrian puppeteer, bunny love, the life partnership between an erotic-natured lithographer and photographer, mythological legends, visual reflections on experimental R&B, dismembered bodies, visionary hairstyling, oeuvre tracing the progression of visual perception, the incessant filing of found images, electric pigments and much more. Includes recipes by Ruth Rogers and Max Rocha, as well as embedded NFC technology to provide effortless access to further outlets.

The captures the boundless creative capacity of our society brought to focus over the dystopia of the last year. The edition will feature twelve creatives/collectives, six of whom are 2020 art school graduates who devastatingly, did not get a physical degree show and some none at all. All contributors will feature across nine spreads each, unfolding a portable retrospective.

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