California Home+Design - Winter 2019

California Home+Design - Winter 2019

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The team behind California Home+Designe is here as a powerful voice, declaring what California design is today. Like the most celebrated interior designers, artists and architects, they have their own distinct creative vision that inspires, informs and influences.

They are aware of the latest trends but aren’t a slave to them. They live for beautiful design and know that it can originate from many places: the professional designer or architect, the inspired aesthete who expects beauty from the everyday or the passionate homeowner who believes, as they do, that the home is the ultimate outlet for personal expression, an escape from the madness, and a place to enjoy family and friends.

They believe that design is personal. Without the story of intention and the emotion of expression, design means nothing to us. To them, the people are what give the products meaning.

They are California. They are eco-conscious, they are innovative, they dismiss the boundary between indoors and out and the state is their stomping ground.


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