Bravery - Issue 11 - Yusra Mardini

Bravery - Issue 11 - Yusra Mardini

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Issue 11 of Bravery is all about Olympic swimmer and Syrian refugee Yusra Mardini. This issue teaches about Yusra's life in a fun, engaging way through illustrated stories, fun DIYs, and educational activities that the whole family can enjoy. With an illustrated cover by Mercedes deBellard and contributions from over 18 talented artists, writers, and photographers, Bravery is both beautiful and functional. Bravery Magazine is a guide for dreaming and doing, and we hope it will inspire your little ones to be their own kind of brave.

 Specs: 64 full-color pages, soft-touch matte cover stock. 8.5’’ x 10.5’’ (portrait)

 Age Range: Bravery is designed with girls and boys ages 5-12 in mind, but really, we think bravery is for everyone.

About the magazine

Bravery Magazine is a quarterly print publication for girls and boys that features a brave woman in each issue. Full of educational content, fun DIYs, and illustrated biographies, Bravery is as inspiring as it is beautiful. More importantly, Bravery is a resource. At Bravery, they believe that introducing kids to strong, brave role models will empower them to be strong and brave, too. Bravery Magazine includes role models diverse in ethnicity, race, ability, background, and interests. Each issue also tackles difficult topics in kid-friendly ways and introduces traits and characteristics that help grow kids into brave humans. Their mission is to not only empower kids, but provide parents, teachers, and caretakers with the tools they need to facilitate these important conversations and confidently take the reins. 

So, why Bravery?

  • Each issue is STEAM-centered and educational, but always fun. 
  • It’s designed specifically for both girls and boys. 
  • Each issue features women of diverse races, nationalities, abilities, and religions. 
  • It Introduces kids to a variety of careers, interests, backgrounds, and experiences. 
  • Each issue teaches kids important traits that will empower them to become their own kind of brave. 
  • It’s full of original art and content.
  • It’s made to last with a velvet-touch matte cover and sturdy, luxe paper.

Printed in Canada.

Based in Concord, CA, USA.

Published quarterly.

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