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Art + Design - Winter 2020 - Issue 25

Art + Design - Winter 2020 - Issue 25

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The mission of ART+DESIGN is to view culture through an artistic lens. Each quarter, they strive to inspire readers from across the globe with a finely crafted, highly collectible vision made possible through stunning photography and quality editorial content.

ART+DESIGN engages readers with a new aesthetic. Curated advertisements coupled with new and creative ways to look at familiar subjects continue their goal of providing a different reader experience.  

ART+DESIGN is a cultural distillery of talent-from art to design, music to theatre, fashion to food- all contained within an archival format that fosters re-readership and brand awareness. Profiling the iconic and the up-and-coming, the gritty and the polished, the famous and the infamous,

ART+DESIGN’s format is visually striking, intellectually compelling, and emotionally engaging.  ART+DESIGN is read worldwide by discerning connoisseurs, collectors, aesthetes and anyone passionate about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. The magazine functions as a work of art that informs, entertains-and above all, inspires.

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