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Airshot #1

Airshot #1

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Golf is probably one of the best sports in the world.

However, it still suffers too often from a rather old-fashioned image.

A sport for the "bourgeois", for the "rich", for the "old" ... golf deserves better than a succession of bad caricatures.

It was time to create a magazine that talks about golf in a modern and relaxed way.

This is Airshot: the first international magazine that approaches the world of golf from a "lifestyle-stories-culture" angle.

Through a high-end layout and an offbeat tone, Airshot proposes to revisit golf culture in an unexpected way. From entertainment to politics, fashion and music, this is a magazine that focuses on the world of golf in the broadest sense.

In short, a golf magazine that will make you forget all the other golf magazines.

Articles are in French and English.

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