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'10' - The Local Project Anniversary Book (AU)

'10' - The Local Project Anniversary Book (AU)

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Introducing 10, a hardcover book of 500+ pages featuring the best homes from the first 10 issues of The Local Project magazine.

About the Magazine

Since 2019, three issues of The Local Project magazine have been published each year. Each issue represents a curated selection of architecture and design, featuring new work from both leading and emerging local architects and designers as well as select older projects. Compiling the highlights from the first 10 issues in a single volume of 450+ pages, 10 offers a concentrated insight into the very best architecture and design of Australia and New Zealand.

Including projects by John Wardle Architects, Peter Stutchbury Architecture, Durbach Block Jaggers, Chenchow Little, Cheshire Architects, Wood Marsh, Patterson Associates, Richards & Spence and many more leading architects and designers working across Australia and New Zealand, 10 is intrinsically a celebration of local residential architecture and design.
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