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AFGHAN STYLE - Standard Edition

AFGHAN STYLE - Standard Edition

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Afghan Style is a fashion study of the Afghan man. 

From the author:
"Afghans have proven to be the most stylish men I have ever encountered; self-possessed, proud, sophisticated, & nuanced. As individuals &  as a culture they have been entirely obscured by the more than 20-year international conflict which has consumed their country.

Afghanistan uniquely remains one of very few countries to retain its cultural clothing, resisting the homogenizing forces of the global fashion industry. Yet, in the fundamentals of style explored in the book ( silhouette, color, texture, & culture) Afghans are unquestionably global masters."

With a foreword by Nick Sullivan (Creative Director, Esquire Magazine). Limited to just 1200 books & 200 signed, numbered special editions.

  • Published by Editions Odyssée
  • Printed in France by Escourbiac
  • 304 pages
  • 150g Gardapat Kiara paper
  • 18.2 x 24 x 4cm 
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