Point. 51 - Issue 4 - Nations

Point. 51 - Issue 4 - Nations

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About the magazine

From humble beginnings in 2017, Point.51 has become a recognised home for in-depth journalism and original photography that explores a complex and ever-changing Europe. From young Spaniards struggling to forge careers amid economic stagnation, to Scottish nationalists dreaming of independence, and Cuban asylum seekers living in Serbia, Point.51 challenges and inspires readers – while leaving them to make up their own minds on the issues that matter.

Our in-depth reporting and photography journeys far and wide, from Portugal's Atlantic coast, to the Swedish archipelago, and the boundary between Europe and Asia. Drawing upon local knowledge – the history, the culture, the language – our writers and photographers cover stories in towns, cities, and the often-forgotten places in between. Point.51 explores the people and places shaping the landscape of contemporary Europe – in and out of the news.

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