Craftsman Instant Coffee
Craftsman Instant Coffee

Craftsman Instant Coffee

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  • Each test tube contains 5grams of crystallized blend of Brazil and Kenya roasted coffee.
  • All you need is 8-10oz of hot water and all of a sudden, life is all well and you are ready to crush it.
  • 4 Tubes - 0.7 oz

Farm: Bourbon, Heirloom Varietals
Country: Brazil, Kenya
Region: Minas Gerais Brazil, Nyeri County Kenya
Processing: Wet washed and natural

A long, long, long time ago, Kirk and Judy Hayes dreamed of opening a shop that served a sweet cup of coffee that highlighted its' natural and dynamic flavors just the way we like it. A game changer that set the right tone before you got to work, reading, on a laptop, or with company. So they started roasting in our kitchen with their 1 year old twins crawling around the house. 

Fast forward 6 years later, they are proud roasters curating greens from direct farms, importers, and serving out of their little coffee cart at the Coastside Farmer's Market. 


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