Canyon Instant Coffee
Canyon Instant Coffee
Canyon Instant Coffee

Canyon Instant Coffee

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  • Each Box contains Six Packets
  • Each packet contains one delicious cup of coffee. Just add 8oz of water and enjoy!
  • Made from batch-brewed, freshly-roasted coffee from Celinga, Ethiopia, Canyon Coffee has teamed up with Instant Coffee experts Swift Cup to craft a coffee we feel confident in and proud to introduce to the Canyon family.
  • Celinga Village is in the infamous coffee-producing region of Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe is actually a small micro-region within the larger region of Sidama (or Sidamo). But because coffees from Yirgacheffe or so distinct and well-recognized, they're grouped into their own category!

  • Like most Ethiopian coffees, this Celinga is comprised of coffees grown by various smallholder farms in the area. What ties them together is the washing station in Celinga Village. On average, the coffee is grown between 1780 and 1860 meters above sea level.

Origin: Ethiopia
Freeze-Dried Coffee
Elevation: 1780-1860 Meters
Process: Washed
Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz met in Beachwood Canyon in 2013. As their relationship grew, so did their love for coffee. Visiting beautiful coffee shops became a key highlight of our travels, and making better and better cups for each other at home became their treasured ritual—especially after spending weeks or months away from each other for their respective careers (Ally for modeling, Casey for music). 
Good coffee takes love, and that starts on the farm with the people growing and tending to the beans. It's their aspiration to have relationships with farms so they can help ensure the well-being of the farmers and their families whose livelihood depends on the coffee trade

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